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Prepare for a high-stakes adventure within the "Warehouse," a Minecraft map that serves as your super-secret admin testing ground, a repository for all your extra props and builds. Unfortunately, a mishap has led to a horde of zombies infiltrating the facility, and it's up to the server staff to regain control.


đŸĸ Setting the Scene: As you step into the "Warehouse," you find yourself in a vast, well-organized space filled with an eclectic collection of props, builds, and items. This admin testing ground was once a sanctuary of order and secrets, but now it's been thrown into chaos by the unwelcome zombie invasion. It's a world where the server's secrets meet the chaos of the undead.

🧟 Zombie Incursion: A misstep by one of the admins has led to a breach in the warehouse's security, allowing zombies to infiltrate the facility. The once pristine and organized setting is now overrun by the relentless undead.

🎮 Server Staff Challenge: In "Warehouse," you assume the role of a vigilant server staff member, tasked with restoring order within the sprawling facility. Armed with your knowledge of the server's inner workings and your determination, you must regain control and protect the admin secrets from the zombie menace.

🕹ī¸ Chaotic Showdowns: Every corner, storage area, and testing zone within the "Warehouse" becomes a battleground for tense encounters and resourceful strategies. The admin testing ground now serves as a challenging backdrop for your efforts to reclaim the facility and fend off the undead.

🔐 Tactical Recovery: "Warehouse" demands not only your server knowledge but also tactical recovery skills. Players must navigate the facility, secure vital resources, and outsmart the zombies while immersed in the chaos of the testing ground.


"Warehouse" is not just a map; it's an exhilarating journey into a world where the server's secrets meet the unexpected challenge of the undead. Will you and the server staff successfully regain control of the admin testing ground, restoring order and ensuring that the server's secrets remain safe? Or will you succumb to the relentless zombie threat, leaving the warehouse's secrets vulnerable to the undead chaos? The choice is yours, and the fate of the super-secret admin testing ground rests in your hands.