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Welcome to ZombieManic.com
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Welcome To Zombie Manic MiniGames Server

Zombie Manic Maps And Map Selector


🌟 Prepare to be amazed as Zombie Manic unveils a grand collection of player-made maps that have poured in over the years. These intricate masterpieces are crafted with passion, brimming with unique details and jaw-dropping features.

💎 Our dedicated map builders are the backbone of this creative explosion, and we cherish their hard work. To show our gratitude, we reward them with VIP ranks and exclusive access to our hallowed map-making creative server. Their boundless creativity knows no bounds!

🌍 Step into a world where every map is a unique adventure. Selecting the perfect battleground varies with each mini-game you embark upon. Yet, there's a common thread—unadulterated excitement! As you enter the mini-game lobby, a whole universe of maps unfurls before your eyes, each brimming with a distinct charm and gameplay style.

💥 Each map boasts its own set of intricacies, designed to elevate your gaming experience to the next level. But what truly sets us apart is our groundbreaking block-breaking method, seamlessly integrated into every map. Brace yourself for unparalleled excitement and action as you venture into these remarkable worlds!

🗺️ Join us at Zombie Manic and let your imagination run wild. Our maps are more than just landscapes; they are gateways to unforgettable adventures!


  • Airport ✈️: Battle it out in an airport-themed arena.

  • Buried ⛏️: Explore a buried Mining world and fight for survival.

  • Carnival 🎡: Enjoy the chaos in a carnival-themed map.

  • Castle 🏰: Defend or conquer the castle in epic battles.

  • Church Siege ⛪: Engage in a fierce church siege showdown.

  • Colors 🌈: Embrace the vibrant world of colors in this map.

  • Coven 🧙: Experience the magic and mystery of a coven.

  • Crater Base 🌕: Establish a moon base within a lunar crater.

  • Creepy Town 👻: Explore the eerie streets of a creepy town.

  • Dead Set ☠️: Survive in a deadly movie set scenario.

  • Deadly Geometry 📐: Navigate through a deadly geometric world.

  • Forbidden Garden 🌺: Enter the forbidden garden of mysteries.

  • Frostbite ❄️: Battle it out in a frozen, icy landscape.

  • Giant's House 🏠: Face off in a giant-sized house map.

  • Hotel Platypus 🏨: Engage in action within a unique hotel.

  • Hungry Zombies 🧟: Survive the onslaught of hungry zombies.

  • Imported Infection 🦠: Fight against the imported infection.

  • Lab 🧪: Navigate the complex and challenging lab map.

  • Land of Nom 🍭: Enter a world full of sweet surprises.

  • Land of the Rising Dead 🌅: Battle the undead in the east.

  • Manic Cube 🎲: Survive in the chaos of a manic cube.

  • Mansion 🏡: Face the horrors lurking in the mansion.

  • Mines ⛏️: Explore the depths of dangerous mines.

  • Monster High 🧛: Encounter classic monsters in high school.

  • Moon 🌕: Engage in battles on the mysterious moon.

  • Oceanside 🌊: Fight near the peaceful oceanside.

  • Oil Rig 🛢️: Conquer the challenges of the oil rig.

  • Pacman 🍒: Survive the Pacman-themed world.

  • Pharaoh's Curse 🏺: Unearth the secrets of the pharaoh's curse.

  • Pinball 🎯: Battle in a pinball-themed environment.

  • Prison 🚓: Survive the harsh conditions of the prison.

  • Remake Space Station 🚀: Confront challenges in space.

  • Remake Village Undead 🏚️: Face the undead in a village.

  • Remake Zombie Town 🏘️: Battle zombies in a town setting.

  • Scout Camp ⛺: Battle it out in a scout camp location.

  • Sheikh's Palace 🕌: Engage in combat at a palace.

  • Skull Mall 💀: Face off in a mall with a sinister twist.

  • Skylands 🌌: Battle in a world above the clouds.

  • Skyscraper 🏙️: Engage in epic battles in a skyscraper.

  • Snowed In ❄️: Survive in a snow-covered environment.

  • Titanic2 🚢: Survive in the iconic Titanic setting.

  • Train of Pain 🚂: Battle it out on a train journey.

  • Trench ⛏️: Navigate the trenches of an under water abyss.

  • Warehouse 🏭: Battle it out in an industrial warehouse.

  • Zombie Kart 64 🏎️: Race and fight in a zombie-themed kart world.

  • Zombie Bowling 🎳: Engage in undead-themed bowling.

  • Zombie City 2 🌆: Battle in a city overrun by zombies.

  • Zoo 🦁: Fight in a unique and chaotic zoo environment.