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Created by: The Zombie Manic Team

Prepare for a cosmic journey to the lunar surface in "Moon," a Minecraft map that transports you to a base on the moon. Even the far reaches of space are not immune to the relentless advance of the undead.


🌔 Setting the Scene: As you step onto the desolate lunar landscape of "Moon," you find yourself in the eerie shadow of a moon base. The barren and rocky terrain stretches out before you, with the base itself a beacon of technology and human endeavor in the midst of the lunar desolation.

🧟 Zombie Onslaught: The relentless advance of the undead has reached the far reaches of space. Zombies haunt the lunar base, their hollow eyes fixed on the human achievements in the cosmos. Once astronauts and scientists, they now serve as cursed guardians of this extraterrestrial outpost.

🚀 Human Expedition: In "Moon," you become an intrepid explorer of the lunar base, navigating the stark and unforgiving lunar terrain. Armed with the spirit of exploration and the determination to escape the besieged outpost, you must unite with fellow adventurers to unlock the secrets hidden beneath the lunar surface.

🌌 Epic Showdowns: Every corner of the lunar base in "Moon" becomes a battlefield for interstellar confrontations and revelations. The lunar outpost stands as a testament to human resilience and a chilling backdrop for your struggle to survive in the harsh lunar environment.

🔬 Tactical Strategy: "Moon" demands not only a thirst for discovery but also strategic prowess. Players must collaborate to decipher cryptic lunar logs, navigate treacherous moon craters, and outmaneuver the undead guardians who protect the cosmic mysteries concealed within the base.

"Moon" isn't just a map; it's a voyage into the cosmos, where human ingenuity and exploration collide with the relentless forces of the undead. Will you stand with your fellow lunar explorers, determined to unlock the cosmic secrets of "Moon" and secure humanity's place among the stars? Or will you embrace the ranks of the undead, becoming part of the relentless force dedicated to preserving the eerie legacy of the lunar outpost? The choice is yours, and the fate of this lunar base and the secrets it holds within the vacuum of space rests in your hands.