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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for zombiemanic.com

This privacy policy elucidates the meticulous procedures governing the use of your data on our esteemed gaming platform, Zombiemanic.com. We prioritize transparency and user trust in safeguarding your information.

Data Collection

Zombiemanic.com collects basic, identifiable information about users, primarily provided during registration, including email addresses and usernames. For registered users, IP addresses are stored to facilitate moderation tasks such as spam prevention and detecting alternative accounts.

Account Deletion

Upon request, a site administrator has the capability to delete accounts, eradicating all data associated with the user from our system. We prioritize your control over your information.


Our website employs cookies to store small, non-identifiable pieces of information with your explicit consent. Consent can be granted by either closing the cookie notice (as elucidated within the notice) or by registering on our platform.

Data stored by cookies encompasses recently viewed topic IDs. Additionally, a unique, unidentifiable hash is generated upon logging in and selecting "Remember Me." This facilitates automatic login during subsequent visits, enhancing user convenience.

We assure you that the information stored through cookies is non-intrusive and is utilized solely to improve your overall experience on Zombiemanic.com.

Policy Compliance

By using our website, you implicitly agree to the terms outlined in this privacy policy. It is recommended to regularly review this policy for updates. Continued use of our platform after modifications implies acceptance of the revised terms.

Contact Us

For inquiries or clarifications regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at admin@zombiemanic.com. We are committed to addressing any concerns promptly and ensuring your privacy is upheld.

Thank you for choosing Zombiemanic.com for your gaming endeavors. Your privacy and satisfaction are paramount to us. Happy gaming!