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Hardcore Survival server




Step into a world where fishing is not just a pastime, but a thrilling adventure that unfolds within the unforgiving landscapes of our hardcore survival Minecraft server. On this server, fishing is an essential skill, a captivating journey, and a way of life. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice just starting out, the world of fishing here offers something truly extraordinary.

But it doesn't end with the fish. Our server also supports Custom Model Data, allowing you to give your fish a unique appearance using resource packs. These are not just fish; they are a reflection of your creativity.

If you're looking for excitement and challenge, Deliveries are here. These mini-quests invite you to catch custom fish from different regions or areas using the fish you've created. Hand them in for rewards and embark on quests that add a layer of fun to your fishing adventure.

Competitive players, listen up! Our Tournaments have just been updated and are more thrilling than ever. You can now take part in one of seven tournament types and compete for fantastic prizes, including keys, money, and more. The inclusion of Boss Bars, unique effects, and auto-start times makes tournaments an exciting spectacle.

If you're looking to add an economic element to your game, we have the Sell Shop. With the /fish shop command, you can sell your fish for money, giving you yet another way to earn currency.

For those who want to enhance their fishing skills, there are Augments. These are custom enchantments for Fishing Rods that can make your fishing power grow. From summoning tornadoes and tsunamis to increasing your fish yield and entropy from gutting fish, the possibilities are limitless.

We also understand the need to discourage AFK fishing, which is why we've introduced Crabs. These creatures not only stop AFK fishing but also drop useful items for crafting augments. It's a solution that ensures fair play and adds an extra layer of engagement to your fishing experience.

Fishing here is more than just catching fish; it's a journey of progression. The plugin introduces 'Fishing Level' and 'Entropy,' custom currencies used to upgrade Deliveries and craft Augments. Your fishing journey is marked by milestones and rewards.

Feeling lucky? We even have a system for gambling your fish. Test your luck for a chance to earn or lose money, with the ability to adjust the odds and potential profits to your liking.

Gut your fish for bonus Entropy, which you can use to craft and upgrade Augments, making you a more skilled angler.

The adventure isn't limited to fishing; the plugin introduces unique seasonal events that automatically start throughout the year. These events offer unique items, augments, and a sense of anticipation as the seasons change, without any extra work on your part.

As a player, your journey begins with a set of essential commands:

✯ /fish (Brings up the basic help menu).

✯ /fish menu (Brings up the main Fishing menu).

✯ /fish reload (Reloads the plugin and configuration file).

✯ /fish codex (Brings up the codex).

✯ /fish shop (Opens up the shop).

✯ /fish scales (Opens the Scales GUI.)

✯ /fish bag (Opens the Fish Bag GUI)

✯ /fish gut (Opens the Gutting GUI)

✯ /fish deliveries (Opens the Deliveries GUI)

✯ /fish augment (Opens the Augment GUI)

✯ /fish augments (View all the Fishing Augments in-game)

✯ /fish entropy (View your entropy balance)

✯ /fish boosters (View your active boosters)

✯ /fish bait (Open the bait shop)

✯ /fish removedelivery (Remove a delivery)


Please note that AFK fishing with the plugin is highly discouraged, and the Crabs have been introduced to counteract this. 

The world of fishing on our Minecraft server is yours to explore, and your adventure is just a cast away. Whether you're a passionate angler or a novice just starting out, we invite you to join us and embark on the fishing adventure of a lifetime. Your journey awaits!