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Hardcore Survival server



Lives and Life system

Welcome to the world of unyielding challenges and unwavering determination with our Hardcore System. In this realm, your destiny is in your hands as you navigate the treacherous landscape of Zombie Manic Hardcore Survival. We offer you a comprehensive set of features and commands that will transform your hardcore experience into an adventure like no other.


Define Your Destiny: The Life System

With our Life System, you are the master of your fate. Customize your lives to set the maximum achievable lives, determine your starting lives, and decide the number of lives granted after respawning. Fine-tune the intensity of your hardcore world by configuring life losses upon death, and explore options to disable life losses in specific worlds. Your survival strategy is in your hands.


Unlock Your Potential: The Life Part System

Unleash your true potential with the Life Part System. Accumulate life parts and set your own limits: decide the maximum life parts achievable, the amount required for a full life, and your starting life parts after a respawn. Engage in captivating gameplay mechanics by earning life parts through defeating formidable entities and active playtime. Your journey is a path to empowerment.


Consequences and Redemption: The Death Ban System

Immerse yourself in the consequences of your actions with the Death Ban System. Configure ban durations for every death cause, including combat logging and revival. You have the power to decide how your ban time is calculated. Experience unique in-game events upon death bans, and emerge from your bans with newfound strength and wisdom.


Mastery of Health: The Max Health System

Your health is your greatest asset in this unforgiving world. Control your maximum health by setting achievable limits, determining starting health after a death ban, and deciding the health loss upon death. Defeat entities and earn health boosts through playtime, pushing your limits and proving your resilience.


Thrills in Combat: The Combat Tag System

Engage in intense battles with our  combat tag system. Don't log out during combat, or you will lose a life. Combat is not just a clash of blades; it's a strategic dance of survival.


A Chance at Redemption: The Revive System

Camaraderie is vital in this harsh world. Our player-driven revive system lets you control the lives lost and gained through reviving. Set cooldowns between successive revives and offer players a chance at redemption, all while maintaining the option to disable reviving in specific worlds. Redemption awaits those who dare to grasp it.


Engaging graphical interfaces. Players can easily view their augmented hardcore statistics, life count, time until the next life part, and opportunities for revival.

In the harsh and unforgiving world of Zombie Manic Hardcore Survival, the Hardcore System is your key to unparalleled challenges, empowerment, and redemption. Are you ready to embrace the unyielding and prove your mettle? Your journey begins now, and your destiny is in your hands.