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Hardcore Survival server



Banking and Economy

Welcome to a world of wealth and security, where your treasures are safeguarded, and your financial prowess shines. In the heart of the Zombie Manic Hardcore Survival server, we introduce you to our revolutionary Banking and Vault System. It's a world where brains are your currency, and they are the key to your survival and success in this unforgiving realm.


Discover the Power of Brains:

With the /balance [Player] command, you can unveil the wealth of not only yourself but also others. Get an overview of your financial status or gain insights into the fortunes of your fellow survivors.


Transact with Confidence:

Secure your holdings with the /withdraw <Currency> <Value> command, which allows you to withdraw your precious brains, the currency of this world, and stow them away safely in your inventory. Or, with the /pay <Player> <Currency> <Value> command, you can make payments to other players in the form of brains, strengthening alliances and forging partnerships in this challenging environment.


Empower Your Trade:

Embrace the spirit of commerce and negotiation with the /trade <Player> command. It's your gateway to trade with specific players, exchanging valuable resources and currency. And should you wish to accept a trade offer, use the /trade-accept <Player> command. Alternatively, for those less favorable exchanges, the /trade-decline <Player> command is your shield to deny trade requests.


Rise in Wealth and Prestige:

Curious about who holds the most brains in this world? The /balancetop command unveils the top 10 players with the highest brain balances, providing a glimpse into the league of the wealthy elite.


But what if you seek the utmost security for your brains? Enter the /bank command, which opens the door to our bank's main GUI, where the realm of banking and vaults awaits.

With /bank balance [Bank Name] deposit <Currency> <Value>, you can transfer your wealth from your personal inventory to a specified bank, keeping it safe from the perils of the world.

Conversely, the /bank balance [Bank Name] withdraw <Currency> <Value> command enables you to retrieve your currency from the bank to use as needed.

And for efficient payments, employ the /bank balance pay <Account> <Currency> <Value> command, making swift and secure transactions directly from your bank balance.

Your Vault Awaits:

Discover the personalized benefits of the /bank open command, opening your very own bank account to manage your finances. Here, you can safeguard your brains and use them strategically to navigate this relentless world.

In Zombie Manic Hardcore Survival, brains are your currency, and the Banking and Vault System is your fortress of security. It's a place where financial power can spell the difference between life and death. Are you ready to rise to the top and make your wealth a testament to your survival and success? Your journey in this relentless world begins here, in the realm of brains, banking, and survival.