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By: Zombie Manic Team

Step right up and brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of an eerie amusement park. Welcome to "Carnival," a Minecraft map that immerses you in the world of thrilling rides, whimsical attractions, and heart-pounding horror.


🎪 Setting the Stage: As you enter the abandoned carnival grounds, you're greeted by a surreal sight. What was once a haven of joy and laughter has transformed into a nightmarish realm, with dilapidated rides and crumbling concession stands.

🧟 Zombie Onslaught: The carnival is now infested with a horde of the undead. Zombies wander the twisted pathways, their menacing presence casting a shadow over the once vibrant park. Clowns, acrobats, and amusement park staff have become nightmarish figures, transformed into zombies by some dark force.

🎡 Human Resistance: In "Carnival," players become the last survivors in this realm of terror. Armed with improvised weapons and a deep sense of dread, they must band together to fend off the relentless zombie onslaught.

🔮 Epic Showdowns: The carnival's iconic attractions, like the Ferris wheel and mirror house, are now stages for harrowing battles. Each corner of the amusement park offers a unique battleground where players must confront their deepest fears and combat the undead.

🎠 Tactical Strategy: "Carnival" demands not only bravery but also cunning strategy. Players must work together to set up defenses, secure valuable resources, and devise a plan to outsmart the zombies that lurk around every corner.


"Carnival" isn't just a map; it's an immersive experience that plunges you into the surreal intersection of fun and fright. Will you stand alongside the survivors, determined to reclaim the amusement park from the clutches of darkness? Or will you embrace the ranks of the undead, becoming part of the relentless force that haunts the carnival? The choice is yours, and the fate of "Carnival" awaits your decision.