Zombie Manic Reborn

The Official Reboot of the Original Zombie Manic Servers

Welcome to the revival of what can only be described as an amazing minigame that has won over hundreds of players. We have taken the original plugin, (with permission) from the original developer (Stevenpcc), and have rewritten it to provide the same consistent experience as the original, But modified for todays Minecraft versions. We seek to maintain the authentic gameplay of the original Zombie Manic servers and encourage feedback on how we implement new features added to the game.   

Zombie Manic

Live and on servers now!

Hunted Game Mode

Coming SOON

Team Death Match

Coming Soon

© 2020-2022 Zombie Manic, ZombieManic is a registered Trademark of Ember Syndicate. ZombieManic is the official re-creation of the original ZombieManic server developed and created by Stevenpcc. Minecraft is a registered trademark of Mojang.