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Welcome to ZombieManic.com
To join our community, please login or register! To play simply visit us in game at play.zombiemanic.com
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Welcome To Zombie Manic MiniGames Server

Special Titles

One Time Special Earned Titles:
One Time Special Event titles are earned simply by logging in on the specific day that they are released.
we tend to do at least 1 a month, however up to 4 a month can happen

Friday the 13th, earned 2023 for October the 13th log ins.


Halloween 2023, Creeper Tag, Earned After Logging in.

Repeating Event Titles:
Special Titles that are released every year for large, and consistent events.
These titles can only be obtained by logging in or participating in the event they represent.

To Be Updated:

Title Packs:
title packs can be purchased directly from the store to help support the server. 

To Be Updated:

Retired Titles / Special Titles:
These titles were at one point given out directly for accomplishments,
 or were repeating event titles that got retired.

To Be Updated: