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Cosmetics in Zombie Manic Minecraft Server

Welcome to the exhilarating world of cosmetics in Zombie Manic, our Minecraft server that transforms the gaming experience into a realm of boundless creativity and individuality. Dive into the details of each cosmetic category, ranging from animated hats to custom banners, and discover the myriad ways you can enhance your in-game persona.


Please note that the items in the below sections are complete as of publishing 11/29/23 we will add and update as we add additional cosmetics to our server network.

Table of Contents


Experience the joy of companionship in Zombie Manic with our charming pets. These virtual buddies accompany you on your adventures, adding a delightful touch to your gaming experience. To explore the variety of pets available, head over to the Pets page.

How to Obtain Cosmetics

Unlocking cosmetics in Zombie Manic is a seamless and rewarding process. All cosmetics are absolutely free, and any mention of purchase refers to the in-game store where you can use Mystery Dust—a currency earned through gameplay—to acquire these enhancements. For a detailed guide on obtaining cosmetics, check out the How to Obtain Cosmetics page.

Animated Hats

Take your in-game fashion to the next level with our mesmerizing animated hats. Not only do they protect you from the undead, but they also captivate onlookers with their enchanting movements. Learn more about these dynamic headpieces on the Animated Hats page.

Custom Banners

Declare your allegiance and showcase your unique style with custom banners. In Zombie Manic, customization is key, and our banners allow you to express yourself in the virtual world. Delve into the art of personalization on the Custom Banners page.


Whether you want to blend into the shadows or stand out boldly, cloaks in Zombie Manic offer a range of styles. Check out the Cloaks page to explore the diverse options available.


Break the silence and communicate with style through our extensive range of emotes. Express a wide array of emotions without uttering a word. Discover the emotive world on the Emotes page.

Cosmetic Items

For a general overview of the vast array of cosmetic options, visit the Cosmetic Items page. This section serves as a gateway to understanding the diverse enhancements available in Zombie Manic.


From iconic to whimsical, hats play a crucial role in defining character aesthetics. The Hats page catalogues the extensive collection of headwear options, each with its own unique charm.


Shrink your favorite characters and creatures to adorable proportions with miniatures. Learn more about these pint-sized companions on the Miniatures page.


Shape-shift and assume fantastical forms with morphs. The Morphs page delves into the transformative world where characters can adopt new appearances and abilities.

Cosmetic Particles

Elevate your presence with a sprinkle of magic—cosmetic particles add an ethereal touch to your character's aura. Discover the mesmerizing world of particles on the Cosmetic Particles page.


Some items in Zombie Manic can only be earned during specific times of the year. For instance, Christmas items are exclusively available during our 25 Days of Manic events. Once an item is earned, you will have access to it forever, In Zombie Manic, we believe that individuality should be celebrated, and our free cosmetics system ensures that every player has the opportunity to express themselves in the most undead-battling, block-building, and creative ways possible. Enjoy your journey through the realms of Zombie Manic, where the undead are not the only things to fear—fearlessly embrace your unique style!