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Welcome to ZombieManic.com
To join our community, please login or register! To play simply visit us in game at play.zombiemanic.com
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🛡️ Basic Rules for All Servers:

🙅‍♂️ No Excessive Cussing: Keeping it clean and respectful is always a good idea.

🚫 No Spamming: Spamming is a nuisance; let's keep it fun for everyone.

⚙️ No Lag Machines or AFK machines: Lagging the server or using AFK machines isn't cool.

📢 No Advertisements: We're here for the game, not for promotions.

🎮 Register in-game as soon as possible: Get in on the action, the more, the merrier!

👮 Respect our staff members: They're here to help, so be kind and cooperative.

🤝 Respect each other: We're all in this together, so let's make it a positive experience.

😇 Respect Yourself: Be the best version of you; it makes the game better for all.

📬 Utilize tickets in Discord for any issues: Mistakes can happen, so reach out if you need help.

📚 Check the wiki at zombiemanic.com before asking questions: A wealth of information is at your fingertips, so explore before asking.

⚖️ Punishments:

🔒 We only discuss punishments with the person who was punished.

⚖️ The only way to appeal a punishment is to open a support ticket on Discord.

🕒 We will not appeal temp bans that occur as a result of death from PvP on the hardcore server, even in the event that the fight was "bugged."

Following these rules leads to a better gaming experience for everyone. However, if you make a mistake, don't worry! Just open a support ticket in Discord, and we're here to help. 🚀🎮🌟