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Map Making Guide




Map Submissions Guidelines

01. Size

Don't Make Big Maps. this is the biggest mistake most submissions make, Big maps are virtually unplayable due to the time restrictions on the game match time

02. Breakable Blocks

Iron Bars, Iron Doors, Iron Trap Doors, Glass Blocks (all colors), and all wooden plank full blocks ( half blocks are not)

03. Wall Border

All maps need a wall around them in some way so that the players cannot escape the playzone, Staff is not responsible for putting one up.

04. Lava & Rain

Lots of lava causes lag for many players. This is because of all the lighting the lava creates. For the same reason we disallow rain. It causes too much lag for a majority of players. We do support snow, as it seems to cause less lag.

05. Themes

Please try and make original themes for your maps. Occasionally, we will have two maps with the same theme if one is very good quality or does something very different from the first, but you have a much higher chance of being accepted if you do something new.

06. Chests & Loot

Do not place items in chests. We have plugins that handle loot. You don't have to do that, and will only create more work for us. Double chests and ender chests do not hold loot. Don't use them.

07. Beds

Don't use beds in your maps. They can cause glitches so we prefer to avoid them. Instead use wool blocks or carpet to make beds..

08. Item Frames

Item frames can currently cause lag for many players. Avoid placing a large number of them in one place. They only cause lag when they have items inside them. Empty item frames are not a problem.

09. Unbreakable Wood

Breakable blocks are always breakable, we cannot set them to be unbreakable. If you want to use those blocks in your map you can use half slabs to make unbreakable wooden planks. Make sure to distinguish breakable blocks from non breakable blocks by having them different types of wood.

10. Redstone Doors

Redstone needs to be covered up and working. If you are not good with redstone (its fine not everyone is) don't make a big mess in your map trying to make it work - just say something in the email and we will talk with you about solutions. Iron doors need buttons unless you specifically want the door to be able to reopen. Levers must have a repeater between them and the pistons otherwise players can spam the lever to slow block breaking.

11. Spawn Points

We will set the spawn points on each map. You can leave some signs suggesting where spawns should be in general, but don't worry about marking every single spawn point.

12. Void World

All our maps are in void worlds. To speed up the submission process, please use this "Void World". It is the void world we use in game and will save us time when configuring your map. The void world has a glass block at the spawn point to get you started.

If for some reason you cannot use our void world please use a superflat world instead. Do not build your map in a survival world.

Things To Avoid (OP AREAS)

  • Long narrow tunnels Long narrow tunnels are too easy to web up and defend. If you must have a long tunnel, make sure it is quite wide and has multiple points of entry. Making a few twists and turns can also help. A good example of tunnels that work are the sewers in Creepy Town.
  • Areas far away from zombie spawn. If zombies have to walk too far between respawns then it will make the map too hard for them to win, and not very fun to play. Try and keep everything an equal-ish distance between the zombie spawns. Church Siege and Zombie Town are good examples of how to do this right.
  • Mazes Every now and then someone tries to include a maze in their map. These don't work. They have the same problem as long narrow tunnels, and provide too many hiding spots.
  • Hide in a room and wait to die. Consider how people will play your map. Are you making them just hide in a room and waiting to die? Try and make it so players have something to do through the whole game. Maybe include an escape route they have to break open, or make somewhere they can shoot zombies trying to break in.
  • Areas humans can reach but zombies cannot. Humans can sprint jump. Zombies cannot. Make sure areas are not only accessible by sprint jumping. The only exception to this is if the area the human can reach is still low enough for zombies to hit.


When do you vote on maps?

We tend to vote on maps every couple of weeks when we get time. Examining a map properly takes time and we do get a large number submitted. We do look and respond to every map submission, so don't worry if it takes us a while.

You can track our submissions and voting progress here.

Can I make someone else's publicly downloadable build into a map for your server?

While we'd prefer that you use your own build, if you do go this route please get permission from the original map maker and let us know where you got the map from. If we find that you've used a build that you didn't make without permission and without telling us you may be banned from the server entirely.

Why do maps get rejected?

The most common reason is bad gameplay. If a map doesn't look very good, but is fun to play we'll probably accept it and fix it up. If a map isn't balanced and fun to play then we can't fix that. Make sure you play the game mode you're making a map for a lot, and study the existing maps to see what works.

How does the voting process work?

All members of the build team will review and vote on your map. There are three possible ways to vote. Rejected, Needs Work, and Accepted.

If a map is rejected it means that we felt the map had serious fundamental flaws and could not be fixed. We do not provide feedback on rejected maps due to time constraints and not wanting to give false hope. Just because a map gets rejected doesn't mean it was a bad build, just that it wouldn't work for the game it was submitted for.

If a map is marked as "needs work" it means that we felt it had potential but needs some more work before being ready. Anyone who votes a map as needing work must provide feedback and what they think needs fixed. This feedback will be passed back to the builder. It's not uncommon for a map to go through several "needs work" votes before being accepted.

Maps that accepted will require no more work on the part of the builder. The build team will fix any minor mistakes or issues, and the map will go live in the near future.

Sending your map

Please make sure you attach your zipped world folder to your submitted resource on ZombieManic.com ensuring that you select the map submission category. 

Step One: Navigate to the Resource Page: https://zombiemanic.com/resources/
Step Two: Select New Resource

Step Three: Fill in the required Information, And ensure that Player Created Maps is selected as the category. (map name), Short Description, Long Description, and collaborators, Do not try and upload or drag your zip into any of these inputs:

Step Four: Press Submit once the information has been filled out, making sure the file type is set to zip:

Step Five: press the upload zip button, select the zip file. and then press submit:

after pressing submit you can notify an admin that the file is uploaded and available.

How to make zip files

Windows - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4jAyFENEYY

OSX - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YnP1sN-LJE&gl=US&hl=en

Map Submissions

Do you have an idea for a map for one of our game modes? We allow users to submit maps. Please build your map in this Void World or a Superflat world and submit as a new resource on our resource page as a map submission. 

using the following formatting:

Your Username
Your Map Name
The *zipped* (See Zip Instructions) file attached
or the coords in the ZM Map Making Server
Include Your Notes: This can include intended flow of the game, secret areas, etc. Anything you think we need to know about it.