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how to obtain cosmetics

Zombie Manic offers players a dynamic and engaging cosmetics system that allows them to customize their gaming experience through a variety of in-game items. Whether you prefer a casual approach or a more dedicated investment, Zombie Manic ensures that cosmetic options are accessible to all players.

Random Discoveries:

One of the unique features of Zombie Manic's cosmetics system is the possibility of finding items randomly during gameplay. Players may stumble upon exclusive cosmetics while battling zombies or exploring the apocalyptic game world, adding an element of excitement to their journey. This element of chance keeps the gaming experience fresh and encourages players to explore different aspects of the game to discover hidden treasures.

Mystery Dust Economy:

For those seeking more control over their cosmetic acquisitions, Zombie Manic introduces the concept of Mystery Dust. Players can accumulate Mystery Dust through various in-game activities, achievements, or challenges. This versatile currency can then be used to purchase cosmetics directly from the in-game store. The Mystery Dust system offers players a sense of progression and achievement, allowing them to choose and acquire the cosmetics that best suit their style.

VIP Package:

For players who desire immediate and comprehensive access to the entire range of cosmetics, Zombie Manic presents the VIP Package. By purchasing this premium offering, players unlock all cosmetics available in the game, providing them with a vast array of customization options from the outset. The VIP Package is a convenient option for those who want to make a significant contribution to the game's development and enjoy the full spectrum of cosmetic content without the need for individual purchases.

Seasonal Releases:

To keep the gaming experience constantly evolving, Zombie Manic introduces seasonal releases of cosmetics. Throughout the year, players can anticipate the arrival of new and themed cosmetics, tying into the changing seasons or special in-game events. This approach ensures that the game's cosmetic offerings remain dynamic and that players always have something to look forward to.

Yearly Additions:

In addition to seasonal releases, Zombie Manic commits to expanding its cosmetic collection each year. This dedication to ongoing development means that players can continually discover fresh and exciting cosmetic options, enriching their gaming experience over time.



The cosmetics system in Zombie Manic embodies a player-centric philosophy, offering a variety of pathways for players to enhance their in-game aesthetics. Whether through chance discoveries, the Mystery Dust economy, or the VIP Package, Zombie Manic ensures that cosmetic customization is both accessible and enjoyable for all players. The introduction of seasonal releases and yearly additions further emphasizes the game's commitment to providing a vibrant and ever-expanding cosmetic landscape.

As you embark on your zombie-infested journey, you'll discover a unique way to customize your character with our exciting cosmetic items. No need to reach for your wallet, as all these fantastic accessories can be earned without spending real-world money.

Introducing Mystery Dust – your key to unlocking a world of customization. Simply roam around our servers, battling hordes of zombies and exploring every nook and cranny, and you'll stumble upon Mystery Dust. This elusive substance is your ticket to acquiring exclusive cosmetics that will set you apart from the rest of the survivors.

The best part? You won't find these cosmetics in any real-world cash shop, and they hold no real-world cash value. We believe in rewarding our players for their in-game efforts and dedication, making sure that everyone has an equal chance to enhance their character's appearance.

From unique hats and stylish outfits to eye-catching particle effects, the possibilities are endless. Collect Mystery Dust, head to our in-game store, and choose from a wide array of cosmetics to express your individuality in the Zombie Manic universe.

So, gear up, explore, and let the Mystery Dust guide you to a personalized gaming experience – because your adventure is not just about surviving; it's about standing out in style!

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