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Welcome to ZombieManic.com
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Welcome To Zombie Manic MiniGames Server

Hardcore Survival server

Welcome to Zombie Manic Hardcore Survival, the ultimate test of your survival skills in the world of Minecraft. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect on our thrilling server:

Survival and Redemption:

Every player starts with 3 lives each time they return from a temporary ban. You can face death up to 3 times before incurring a temporary ban, the duration of which depends on the circumstances of your demise.

Earning and Banking Lives:

As a dedicated survivor, you have the opportunity to earn extra lives. For every 45 minutes you spend on the server, you'll earn 1/4 of a life piece. Collect four of these pieces, and you can convert them into a full life. You can store up to 8 life pieces and hold a maximum of 25 lives at any given time.

Survival Challenge:

Prepare to face the ultimate challenge - upon death and banishment, you'll lose all your health and items, with everything dropping on the spot. You'll have to restart at the spawn or your bed with only the items you've secretly stashed in chests. But fear not; we've got a solution.

Vault System:

Our unique vault system allows you to use brains, an in-game currency, to deposit or retrieve items. You can also store your XP, and rest assured, anything you put in the vault will remain untouched during your temporary ban, providing a level of consistency.

Brains from Mobs:

A fascinating feature of our server is that certain aggressive mobs have a 15% chance to drop between 1 to 2 brains, their intelligence determining the quantity. These brains can be a valuable resource in your journey to survive.

Dynamic World with Multiple Spawns:

Our server world is expansive and diverse. Mobs range in level from 1 to 30, with increased difficulty as you venture farther from the main world spawn. We have four active spawns in different areas, each with anti-build or change permissions, making exploration more intriguing.

Border of 10,000 Blocks:

To keep the challenge fresh, our world has a border extending 10,000 blocks, offering you a vast and exciting world to explore and conquer.

Regenerating Nether and End Worlds:

The Nether and End worlds will regenerate once every two weeks, ensuring that the server remains dynamic and filled with new opportunities for daring adventurers.

Are you ready to take on the undead and the challenges of Zombie Manic Hardcore Survival? Join us now and test your mettle in this thrilling and unique Minecraft survival experience!