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Hardcore Survival server



Hardcore Mining

Welcome to the gritty and treacherous realm of Zombie Manic Hardcore Mining, where the art of mining takes on a whole new dimension. Here, mining is not just a basic task; it's a comprehensive journey filled with a multitude of features, each designed to make your mining experience unforgettable.


So, what can you expect to find in Zombie Manic Hardcore Mining? Here's an overview of our current features:

Fluxes: These are special orbs you can discover when mining specific ores. There are six different tiers of fluxes, from Common to Exotic and Hellstone. You can even customize and add your own fluxes to the game, giving you the flexibility to shape the mining experience as you see fit.

Gemstones: These sparkling treasures have dual utility. You can sell them at the mine market for money, with prices that can be configured to match your preferences. They can also be used for purchasing augments, offering you added choices in the mining process. Gemstones come in various qualities, each impacting their value. You can adjust the quality multipliers and prices to align with your server's economy.

Zeta: Zeta serves as the custom currency for mining. The better the quality of ore you break, the more Zeta you'll earn, adding a rewarding dimension to your mining endeavors.

Mining Level & Skill Tree: As you break ores, you'll earn XP towards your mining level. Skill points can be spent on perks, enhancing your mining abilities and experience.

Oracles: These formidable end-game bosses offer epic challenges and valuable rewards. To summon an Oracle, you'll need Charged Oracleite, which can be obtained by refining Mysterious Dust and mining specified amounts of Diamond Ore. Oracles drop mining-related items, making them ideal foes for well-equipped adventurers.

Vessels: This complex system empowers players to craft and use custom enchantments on their pickaxes. It works seamlessly with the new Artifacts and Fossils system, providing players with hundreds of hours of content as they strive to maximize their pickaxes. This system comes with boss fights, thralls, and requiums, making it an engaging component of your mining experience.

Artifacts & Fossils: The latest addition to Zombie Manic Hardcore Mining, these unique drops are obtained randomly when mining any block. They offer a chance at rare loot, including diamonds, emeralds, and pre-silked ores, both from the plugin and vanilla Minecraft. These items are crucial for crafting Vessels, further expanding your mining possibilities.


But what if you're wondering how to navigate these features? We've got you covered with a set of essential commands:

✯ /mine help - Shows this command list.

✯ /mine menu - Opens the main mining menu.

✯ /mine shop - Opens the mining sell shop.

✯ /mine singularity - Opens the mining singularity.

✯ /mine journal - Provides information on items in the plugin.

✯ /mine stats <player> - Opens the passives menu.

✯ /mine artifacts - Opens the artifacts menu.

✯ /mine vessels - Opens the vessels menu.

✯ /mine zeta - Displays your Zeta balance.

The world of Zombie Manic Hardcore Mining is vast and brimming with opportunities. As a miner, your journey is filled with the thrill of discovery, the excitement of challenges, and the satisfaction of mastery. We invite you to join us on this extraordinary mining adventure. Your journey begins now!