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Map Submissions Guidelines πŸ—ΊοΈ



  • Size ⬇️
    • Avoid creating large maps as they are challenging to play within the game's time limits
  • Breakable Blocks πŸ”¨
    • Use breakable blocks like Iron Bars, Iron Doors, Iron Trap Doors, Glass Blocks (all colors), and full wooden planks (avoid half blocks).
  • Wall Border 🏰
    • Ensure all maps have a boundary to prevent players from escaping. You are responsible for this.
  • Lava & Rain β˜”
    • Excessive lava can cause lag; refrain from using it. Rain also leads to lag, so opt for snow if necessary.
  • Themes 🌈
    • Strive for unique and original themes in your maps to increase the chance of acceptance.
  • Chests & Loot 🎁
    • Don't place items in chests; plugins handle loot. Avoid double chests and ender chests for loot storage.
  • Beds πŸ›οΈ
    • Avoid using beds, as they may cause glitches. Instead, use wool blocks or carpets to represent beds.
  • Item Frames πŸ–ΌοΈ
    • Limit the use of item frames to prevent lag. Empty item frames are not a problem.
  • Unbreakable Wood πŸͺ΅
    • Differentiate between breakable and non-breakable blocks by using half slabs for unbreakable wooden planks.
  • Redstone Doors πŸšͺ
    • Ensure redstone mechanisms are covered and functional. If you need help with redstone, contact us. Use buttons for iron doors, and place a repeater between levers and pistons.
  • Spawn Points 🏁
    • We will set the spawn points; you can suggest general locations but don't mark every single one.
  • Void World 🌌
    • Build your map in our "Void World" to streamline the submission process. It's the standard world used in the game, with a glass block at the spawn point.


Things To Avoid (OP AREAS) 🚫

  • Long, narrow tunnels are discouraged; if necessary, make them wide with multiple entry points.

  • Keep areas equally accessible from zombie spawns for balanced gameplay.

  • Mazes tend to hinder gameplay, avoid them.

  • Ensure players remain engaged throughout the game, preventing them from just waiting in a room.

  • Make areas reachable by both humans and zombies unless it's intended otherwise.



  • We vote on maps every few weeks, so don't worry if it takes time.

  • If using someone else's build, get permission and inform us to avoid potential bans.

  • Maps are rejected mostly due to gameplay issues; ensure it's balanced and fun.

  • The voting process involves "Rejected," "Needs Work," and "Accepted" categories. Feedback is provided for "Needs Work" maps.


Sending your map πŸ“©


Map Submission Format 🌟

Do you have an exciting map idea for our game modes? Submit it following this format:

Your Username: [Your Username]

Your Map Name: [Your Map Name]

Attached File: [Your zipped map file] (See Zip Instructions)

Coordinates: [Coords in ZM Map Making Server]

Notes: Include details about the game's flow, secret areas, or any other essential information.


πŸ“Œ Please build your map in the designated Void World or a Superflat world before submitting. We look forward to your creative contributions! 🌟