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Welcome to ZombieManic.com
To join our community, please login or register! To play simply visit us in game at play.zombiemanic.com
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Connection Issues

ZombieManic uses a few things that separate us from other Mini Games servers, one of those things is a dedicated network engineer. 
Our server has multiple ways to connect to it, And we want to help ensure that you have the best connection every time.

1. Part 1, VPN connections
2. Part 2, Which IP do I use?
3. Part 3, Whitelisting / Maintenance mode

Part 1 - VPN connections

ZombieManic does not allow the use of VPN'S however we do understand this may create a false positive some times In order to circumvent this, if you are legitimately using a home or public connection, and you still receive this error message:

1) Locate your router in your house
2) Unplug it and plug it back in after 30 seconds (this will renew the dhcp license for your device)
3) apologize to everyone who you just kicked off the internet profusely and don't tell them it was because you wanted to get on a Minecraft server, cause they may kill you.
4) Restart your computer
5) restart Minecraft, you should be able to join. very rarely but on occasion, your ISP may utilize old server ip's that were used by clients as static VPN connections, because most home routers utilize DHCP leases on ip's your router may magically assign itself one of these ip's from time to time, preventing you from joining as your ip is flagged by a vpn firewall. doing this method at least once should fix it, however in some cases you may need to refer to your individual ISP regarding DHCP leases, or if you currently utilize a Static IP if this simple method does not work you can utilize this help article

If the use of a VPN is necessary for you to play on our server due to geo restrictions, please feel free to message me on discord. We do update the VPN filters from time to time, and ensure that they are the most recent versions

Part 2 - Which IP do I use?
Miner Manic provides a few different ways to connect. the easiest is 

ZombieManic.com (Yes that is correct, you can use our website address to connect to our server.)

Play.Zombiemanic.com and ZombieManic.com will both direct you to the closest access point into our server. We provide 4 Major access points across the world connected and tunneled to our main servers. Each Bungee is using a modified version of Redis Bungee, and is a clone of the others. One in Seattle (West Coast NA), one in Montreal(East Coast NA), one in Frankfurt Germany, and one in Paris France. 

this means you can play from anywhere in the world, and our main IP should forward you to the closest location.

If the server does not show at all using play.zombiemanic.com or zombiemanic.com report the issue immediately in discord 

Part 3 - Whitelisting, and maintenance mode.
By signing up on our website, you will be automatically added to our whitelist, when we enter maintenance mode or whitelist mode, you will be able to log in. If you did not sign up to the website before the Maintenance mode was started, there is No request or form to be added, You will have to wait until the server has started back up with whitelist off. Please do not bug the server staff and beg them to add you, they cannot, only the website can.