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Zombie Manic Server Update 4.7
2 minute read

**Zombie Manic Update 4.7 - Release Notes**

Greetings Survivors!

We're thrilled to announce the latest update to our Zombie Manic server, Version 4.7. This update brings essential performance updates and important bug fixes to enhance your gaming experience.

**Community Updates:**

- This week's reset event on Zombie Manic is "Chickens Vs Wolfs" all day Friday, November 3rd.

- Please note that this week's stats are delayed due to issues with our stat tracking program, which we have now fixed. Voting will have to wait until the next update.

- The Queue server has been optimized, and new titles have been added for this month's special title events on Black Friday (November 24th) and Friday, November 10th (Veterans Day). The titles will be announced the day of or the day before the special title event.

**Performance Updates:**

- Updated server jars for improved performance and stability.

- Updated Geyser and Floodgate jars to ensure smoother cross-platform play.

- Updated plugin jars to enhance gameplay and extend functionality.

**New Features:**

- (No new features in this update)

**Normal Maintenance Completed:**

- Regenerated Hardcore Survival Nether.

- Regenerated Hardcore Survival End.

**Bug Fixes:**

- Fixed player menu issues in the hardcore server.

- Resolved player menu glitches in the queue world.

- Tab Menu is now working flawlessly in the Tower Defense world.

- Adjusted brain drop rates in the hardcore survival world to provide a more challenging experience.

**Known Issues:**

We want to keep you informed about known issues, and there's one to note:

- The carnival map in Tower Defense is currently experiencing some technical difficulties, but we're actively working on resolving this issue.

We appreciate your continued support and feedback as we work to provide the best Zombie Manic experience for all our players. Enjoy the improved stability, the regenerated hardcore survival worlds, and get ready to face tougher challenges in the hardcore survival world!

Thank you for being a part of our Zombie Manic community. Let's dive into the action with Update 4.7!

Stay alive, stay vigilant, and have a blast!

The Zombie Manic Team

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