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Welcome to ZombieManic.com
To join our community, please login or register! To play simply visit us in game at play.zombiemanic.com
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Update to the Website Complete!
2 minute read

Website has now been moved over to https://zombiemanic.com/

Your information has been moved over, However if your password does not work, please select the forgot password option.

this will reestablish your link to the website and the server. (check spam mail for the forgot password email)


If you have never registered on our website before you can either register on our website directly from ZombieManic.com or go in game and type 

/register <email> <username> 


by registering from within game, or from the website itself You will be sent an activation email (make sure to check your spam folder for it) sent from Zombie Manic. Please click the link within that email to activate your website account. this will ensure that you have a few perks.


1) automatically whitelisted on the server, any maintenance mode, or whitelisting will allow you on!

2) appeal bans when they happen, we do not accept requests for ban appeals through discord, only through the website.

3) earn store credit in game just by playing, get compensated for map building with store credit, and purchase store items with it.

4) make suggestions officially on the site, and vote for them with your fellow players

5) participate in the online leaderboards 

6) enjoy your in game rank shown proudly in discord

7) Much Much more future integrations to come, that will allow you a full range of activities on our website.


The old website at miner manic, will be itself saved in stasis, and forwarders will be put in place forwarding it to https://zombiemanic.com/

thank you for your time.

St. Patrick's Day Event (Friday March 17th) 6:00PM Central.
St. Patrick's Day Event (Friday March 17th) 6:00PM Central.
WE will be hosting an event on St. Patrick's Day, Friday the 17th, (not this Friday, but next)

The Event will start at 6:00PM central time (CST) ----- 11:00 PM (GMT)

The event will be public, and you can join simply by joining the server!...
1 minute read
Zombie Manic Update 4.1
Zombie Manic Update 4.1
We have updated to Zombie Manic version 4.1, Minecraft 1.19.3 all clients 1.19.3 will be able to join our server, including Bedrock, and Java Players.
With this change we have updated alot of the backend structure for Zombie Manic, that supports...
2 minute read
Zombie Manic Update 4
Zombie Manic Update 4
We have Updated to Zombie Manic version 4, Minecraft 1.19.3
all clients 1.19.3 will be able to join our server, Including Bedrock, and Java players.

With this change you will notice that we are switching over from MinerManic.com to...
2 minute read