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Zombie Manic Update 4
2 minute read

We have Updated to Zombie Manic version 4, Minecraft 1.19.3
all clients 1.19.3 will be able to join our server, Including Bedrock, and Java players.

With this change you will notice that we are switching over from MinerManic.com to ZombieManic.com, we will be discontinuing MinerManic at this point. 

As of tonight Miner Manic has officially come down, we will be saving the extra worlds in a stasis mode, and updating Discord, as well as Both Websites. MinerManic.com will forward to Zombiemanic.com over the next 24 hours. With this change, Players will find a more integrated use for ZombieManic.com

You will still be able to connect using Play.Minermanic.com However I do suggest updating it to Play.zombiemanic.com


o All player builds, and progress in the other worlds have been saved, at some point if we choose to reintroduce those worlds you will be able to take back up your progress

o Your ranks are still present on the server, however they are not viewable just yet as we are working on some chat fixes

o Website data from minermanic.com has not been migrated over to zombiemanic.com however we will be reintroducing our site at a later time, for now neither provide any real use or connection to the servers anymore, please do not try and purchase something from the store unless you like giving us money for nothing (we gladly accept)

o All players, new and old will continue to gain time played twords future ranks, and current ranks based on time played now, and in the future, this system is not broken

o Leaderboards for zombie manic still work, and the web leaderboards will transfer data over soon:tm  in game leaderboards still show accurate data

o Vip players have access to the tower defense server, we do not intend on getting rid of this server as it is very well polished like zombie manic, we prefer to keep our custom servers and anything directly related to ZM

o ZMCR has not been wiped or removed, just disabled for now, it will be reintroduced within the next week hopefully, and accessible by vip players or current builders who have an approved map

o ZMDEV will remain staff only

o ZMUS2, 3, 4 will reset and be present as fallbacks by the end of the week.

o All suggestions, requests, bugs, problems, and comments can be made in general chat for the time being and do not need to be routed through support plugins.

Zombie Manic Update 4.3
Zombie Manic Update 4.3
Map Making World Has Returned in 1.19.4 all clients 1.19.4 will be able to join our server, including Bedrock, and Java Players. We have fully updated the map making world for zombie manic. this can be accessed in game by typing /servers and...
1 minute read
Zombie Manic 1.19.4 Update
Zombie Manic 1.19.4 Update
We have updated Zombie Manic For Minecraft 1.19.4 all clients 1.19.4 will be able to join our server, including Bedrock, and Java Players.
With this change we focused on fixing all of the connection issues that players were experiencing, we...
1 minute read
St. Patrick's Day Event (Friday March 17th) 6:00PM Central.
St. Patrick's Day Event (Friday March 17th) 6:00PM Central.
WE will be hosting an event on St. Patrick's Day, Friday the 17th, (not this Friday, but next)

The Event will start at 6:00PM central time (CST) ----- 11:00 PM (GMT)

The event will be public, and you can join simply by joining the server!...
1 minute read