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Zombie Manic Update 4.1
2 minute read

We have updated to Zombie Manic version 4.1, Minecraft 1.19.3

all clients 1.19.3 will be able to join our server, including Bedrock, and Java Players.

With this change we have updated alot of the backend structure for Zombie Manic, that supports our network, and server Clusters. You may notice some performance increases that will allow us to expand the network in the future with more Zombie Manic servers. We have also updated some of the features of Zombie Manic that bring it back in line with more original gameplay! this includes the return of Zombie Infections.

the server updates are currently live, and accessible to all players.

Updates Performed

  • Zombie Infection has been brought back, all players attacked by a zombie have a small chance of activating a hidden timer that will turn them into zombies at a later time, effectively turning them into sleeper zombies, this will help the zombie team out, because all they need to do now is hit someone to get that chance, this should help alleviate human healing woes for the Z team
  • Geyser and Floodgate have been updated, allowing all players from the latest Bedrock update to join
  • MultiLobby Matchmaker, and Multilobby have been cycled out in exchange for HubSelector and queue for now, while we create our own private label queue system and routing system.
  • queue server is now working correctly
  • All VIP players now have priority login, New Players will have a boosted login preference to allow them the chance to visit the server however after a couple of timed ranks they will be placed in a standard login priority. Staff will maintain highest priority for log in.
  • We fixed the issues that were causing players to be transferred to a mysterious survival world upon joining depending on which ip they used.
  • Fixed issues with Bungee plugins and updates
  • Updated minor support plugins on ZM
  • Updated ZMUS2 and opened it fully allowing an active play capacity of 40 people between the two servers
  • added the ability for players to use /hs menu to open up the menu selector for the server if they would like to try and transfer to a different hub. (if the hub they select is full, they will be placed in a queue for it.
St. Patrick's Day Event (Friday March 17th) 6:00PM Central.
St. Patrick's Day Event (Friday March 17th) 6:00PM Central.
WE will be hosting an event on St. Patrick's Day, Friday the 17th, (not this Friday, but next)

The Event will start at 6:00PM central time (CST) ----- 11:00 PM (GMT)

The event will be public, and you can join simply by joining the server!...
1 minute read
Update to the Website Complete!
Update to the Website Complete!
Website has now been moved over to https://zombiemanic.com/ Your information has been moved over, However if your password does not work, please select the forgot password option. this will reestablish your link to the website and the server....
2 minute read
Zombie Manic Update 4
Zombie Manic Update 4
We have Updated to Zombie Manic version 4, Minecraft 1.19.3
all clients 1.19.3 will be able to join our server, Including Bedrock, and Java players.

With this change you will notice that we are switching over from MinerManic.com to...
2 minute read