Can You Survive?

Have you ever wanted to see how you'd deal with a zombie siege? Now's your chance.....

  • Synopsis The game is simple. One to three players start as a zombie. Everyone else is a human. Every time a human dies they come back as a zombie to help kill their former teammates.  Humans must acquire loot, build defenses, and most importantly, work as a team to survive. The game is a port of the popular Halflife 2 mod, Zombie Panic.
  • Block Breaking. Zombie Manic uses a unique block breaking system (it is also used in some of our other games such as TDM and Hunted). Only some blocks can be broken. This includes wooden planks, glass blocks, webs, iron bars, and iron doors. You only need to click on these blocks once and it will keep breaking for you. It only stops when you break another block or move too much. The health of the block is shown in your xp bar. If a team mate is breaking a block and in your way, you can hit them to help them break it (at a reduced damage rate).
  • Rules. No Friendly Zombies  Being a friendly zombie is strictly against the rules. It makes the game boring for humans and annoys your fellow zombies. It is considered team griefing and can result in your being kicked, muted, or banned.
  • Commands. Coming soon:tm:
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