About Zombie Manic

Zombie Manic is a custom made plugin that allows you to play as either a human or a zombie, in a death match style scenario, A small handful of players will be chosen to be zombies at the start of each match, and they must kill and convert all humans into zombies. The humans need only to survive the duration of the timer. all stats are tracked and recorded on our sql database, so that we can provide a future leaderboard that includes past information. 

Humans have expanded health, and the ability to use items found in chests to either attack zombies, or barricade themselves in. Zombies have Night Vision, and the ability to respawn. Only certain blocks can be broken. When a zombie kills a human, that human is now on team Z. If at least 1 human can survive for the duration of the timed map, the human team will win. The Game ends early if the zombies kill all the humans and win.

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